Slowey McManus Communications has worked successfully with clients involved at every level of the education ladder – from early childhood education through higher education, tackling issues including K-12 education reform, workforce training, adult literacy, and college marketing practices.

We have close working relationships with civic and business organizations that have been in the forefront of education reform initiatives, and we have established good working relationships with key media both nationally and across the state.

For more than a decade, Slowey McManus has represented the Massachusetts Charter Public School Association, working to inform opinion leaders, parents, community activists and other supporters about the mission and success of charter schools, and mobilize them to support policies that allow charter expansion around the state. Over the past decade, demand for more charter schools has grown exponentially and they are now recognized as the state’s best tool to help close race and income-based achievement gaps.

We are knowledgeable about the issues and the politics of education reform and are able to craft intelligent media and community outreach campaigns that promote our clients’ positions and effect legislative outcomes.

Our Clients