Energy + Environment

The energy industry has undergone tremendous changes over the past few decades, as restructuring has coincided with heightened public awareness of the environmental and economic consequences of utilizing resources. New ways of generating power, storing it and transmitting it to consumers are influencing the way people live and work around the world.

Environmental sustainability has become a more urgent priority in nearly every sector. Responsible use of resources is a business advantage as well as a cultural cue that needs to be communicated broadly to relevant audiences.

Creating and implementing thoughtful marketing and communications strategies for energy firms and highlighting corporate sustainability requires a deep understanding of technical, legal, regulatory, financial, and social factors.

Over the years, our team has developed close relationships with publications, broadcast outlets and journalists who cover the energy and environmental industries, and we have helped train client spokespeople to deliver clear, concise messages about the value proposition of their businesses. We have also helped draft reports and presentations that translate technical information so that key stakeholders can fully understand the important work being done by public and private entities in the energy industry and in corporate sustainability.

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