By John Nolley on April 30, 2021
Texas must stop informants from helping wrongful convictions | Fort Worth Star-Telegram


I spent almost 19 years behind bars for a murder I did not commit.

The victim, Sharon McLane, was a friend of mine, and we’d spent Thanksgiving together a few weeks before she was found stabbed 57 times in her apartment in December 1996. Neighbors reported seeing a strange white man with a cowboy hat leaving her apartment complex within the time police believed the crime was committed.

When the Innocence Project began investigating my case in 2006, new prosecutors worked with the group’s expert lawyers to get to the truth. In 2015, Tarrant County Criminal District Attorney Sharen Wilson created a “conviction integrity unit” within her office to reinvestigate cases such as mine. My big break came when the investigation uncovered a trove of documents that had not been disclosed to my defense lawyer.

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