By Sandra Chapman on September 2, 2020



INDIANAPOLIS — A new state law that’s supposed to compensate the wrongly convicted has yet to pay out any money and is not helping anyone.

13 Investigates looks into why exonerees are going without money and programs.

The process has left some victims of the state’s egregious legal mistakes, feeling like they’re facing a trial all over again.

Three Indiana exonerees were convicted of unthinkable crimes: a deadly arson, an armed robbery, and the murders of a wife and two children. After spending years in prison, Kristine Bunch, Keith Cooper and David Camm are all free to build new lives after the scourge of a wrongful conviction.

In July 2019, Indiana lawmakers decided it was time the State take some financial responsibility for what those wrongly convicted have suffered.

But 13 Investigates has discovered, the new state law passed last year to compensate those wrongfully convicted has not paid out one dime.


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